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Cold Front Co. is distributing a select range of boutique cold beverages from New Zealand so that more of us can share the delicious ingredients and handcrafted quality of natural Kiwi cool.

We found these products while we were travelling and living in the colder climes of our Pacific neighbour. Right away, we knew that these were products Singaporeans would enjoy because they’re what people of all ages need to chill out, relax and take a moment throughout their busy day.

So if you want to just chill out with family or friends wrap your hands around one of these drinks and BE BOLD AND GO COLD. Scroll down to see our latest range of Just Chillin’ beverages and get in touch today.

If you’re in the trade and looking for a range of new and very different products to complement and extend what you already sell, talk to us about accessing exclusive products that your customers will really enjoy and ask for time and time again.

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Karma Cola

Karma Cola

This amazing cola is made with Fairtrade and organic ingredients including real cola nut from the rainforests of West Africa, spices, oils and beans from the Pacific, with processed sugar cane from the Manduvira Farmers in Paraguay.

Natural spices include; cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander with lemon, vanilla bean, lime and orange oils.

Part of the proceeds from each bottle sold goes straight back to the farmers who grow the ingredients.

That makes for good karma.



The gingeriest ginger drink imaginable. Cold, spicy and made from a unique blend of organic ingredients.

Gingerella is made from Mother Nature’s magical healer – ginger – grown organically by farmers in the Wayamba region of Sri Lanka. Her clean crisp and fiery kick comes from a unique blend of Fairtrade organic ginger, lemon, Fairtrade organic vanilla from Papua New Guinea and sugar from Paraguay- and the taste of justice.

The hottest thing in cold drinks.

​Lemmy Lemonade

​Lemmy Lemonade

Lemonade made with real organic lemons from Sicily. We’ve balanced the sourer side of Lemmy’s bipolar personality with sweetness.

The sugar we use is sweeter than ordinary sugar because it’s organic and Fairtrade. It comes from the Manduvira Fairtrade Organic Farmers Cooperative in Arroyos y Esteros in Central Paraguay. There's a dash of grapefruit and a splash of other citrus. And they're all mixed in pure sparkling Aotearoa water.

If life gives you lemons change your luck with a Lemmy Lemonade. 

​Six Barrel Soda Hibiscus

​Six Barrel Soda Hibiscus

Our hibiscus is a floral plummy original number.

We use dried hibiscus flowers for a deep red colour and a rich floral and stone fruit flavour.

Hibiscus is a popular flavour for drinks in the Caribbean and Central America. Try it with a wedge of lime, with sparkling wine or in tequila or rum drinks.

​Six Barrel Soda Celery Tonic

​Six Barrel Soda Celery Tonic

Our celery tonic is made in the style of a classic new york city soda popular in jewish delicatessens. 

It has the spice of lightly pressed celery seed and ginger, the crispness of cucumber, green apple and fresh celery and the freshness you should expect of great soda. Try it with a slice of cucumber or with light spirits.

​Six Barrel Soda Raspberry Lemon

​Six Barrel Soda Raspberry Lemon

Our raspberry lemon is a classic pink lemonade, popular with kids and grownups alike since forever.

We use real raspberries for a tart berry flavour and pink hue, and fresh meyer lemon zest and juice for a refreshing citrus backbone. Try it with a slice of lemon or with light spirits or italian aperitifs.

​Quina Fina

​Quina Fina Tonic Water

The result of an inspired idea to make Tonic Water the best way possible; encapsulating provenance, history and ingredients.

Award-winning Quina Fina tonic water – is a perfect blend of New Zealand Nelson spring water, organic lemons and the essential Ecuadorian quinine extract. Brilliantly refreshing and lightly tart on the palate; not nearly as sweet as other tonic waters.

Quina Fina

Quina Fina Bitter Lemon

The other traditional quinine soda, Quina Fina Bitter Lemon has a full measure of organic lemon and a light bitter finish.

Perfect ice cold on it's own, or as a mixer with your favourite spirit. 

All Good

All Good & Sparkling Blood Orange

A tiny flavour bomb of organic blood orange and sparkling Waiuku water, perfect for administering a life-affirming explosion of sensory shock and awe. 

Blood oranges, AKA Arancia Rossa in their native Italian, come from the North-East coast of Sicily where long sunlight hours and cool night stimulate anthocyanins - the antioxidants that make up the fruit's characteristic scarlet pigment and delicious flavour. 

All Good

All Good & Sparkling Blackcurrant

Intense organic blackcurrant carried on the effervescence of sparkling Waiuku water, a taste explosion the like of which you haven't felt in years. 

Blackcurrants thrive in cold winters, mild summers and good soil which makes the Canterbury Plains in the South Island of New Zealand the perfect place to grow them. That's where the ones we squeeze into our Blackcurrant and Sparkling Water come from. They're fully loaded with nutrients, vitamin C, antioxidants and intense flavour.

All Good

All Good & Sparkling Bitter Lemon

A combo of bitter, sweet organic lemon juice and sparkling, pure Waiuku water designed to quench your thirst, lift your spirits and dance on your tongue. 

Our organic lemons are grown by Ilan and his daughter Dorit in the scorching Negev desert - home of Arabian leopards and the world's best lemons. Lemons are like solar panels - the more sun they absorb, the more powerful the flavour. Ilan and Dorit's lemon trees have been in the family for generations so they know a thing or two about citrussy goodness.

All Good

All Good & Sparkling Red Grapefruit

Sharp, organic red grapefruit and sparkling Waiuku water come together in a sensory overload that’ll blow your taste buds and your mind. 

They need loads of water and summer sun to get their intense sharp flavour and juiciness, and a snap of winter cold gives them their ruddy complexion. Our grapefruit come from Dan in northern Israel where they guzzle Hermon mountain snowmelt from the River Dan before it feeds the mighty Jordan. Our grapefruit are masters of soaking up flavour and the antioxidant Lycopene. 

All Good

All Good & Sparkling White Grapefruit

Blast your taste buds into next week with a sweet and mouthpuckeringly sour collision of organic white grapefruit and pure, sparkling water. Our organic white grapefruit come from the Yesodot Moshav Shitufi in Israel’s deliciously fertile Shephelah lowlands. 

A Moshave Shitufi is a village co-operative, a bit like a Kibbutz, but where each family chooses which delicacies they put on their tables. The people of Yesodot are devout organic horticulturalists which is good for the grapefruit, land, farmers, their families and now you.

Stay Cool Singapore.

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